What to wear?



Depending on what is being assessed and treated some uncovering of skin is required, but only to the level which you feel comfortable with.


For any conditions affecting your back or legs you are recommended to bring a pair of flexible shorts along with you.


For women with back, neck or arm conditions you are recommended to wear a vest top or sports bra.

In general, it is a good idea to bring clothes which you feel comfortable exercising in as physiotherapy will often involve prescription of some exercises.


Towels will be provided.

Upper body – Bra for women, topless for men.

Lower body – Flexible shorts or appropriate underwear.


What to bring?

If you have an extensive medical history or take a number of medications it is helpful if you bring a list of these with you. It is important that your medical history is covered before any physical assessment or treatment takes place.

What to expect?



1. Verbal Assessment – You will be asked about your current injury/complaint/problem and any concerns you have surrounding it. We will identify exactly what you are hoping for from physiotherapy and together come up with realistic targets.

2. Physical Assessment Various physical test will be completed starting with visual observations of your joints and posture. An assessment of your joints will follow, looking at their range and quality of movement. Next your movement will be assessment. 

3. Diagnosis – The assessment findings will be used to inform a diagnosis. You will be given an idea of how long recovery should take.


4. Treatment Plan -  A treatment plan will then be formulated which will involve one to one sessions of physiotherapy and a plan of what you need to do in your own time to best optimise recovery. This may include stretches, exercises and lifestyle changes.



***Upon entry one flight of stairs must be climbed. If you are unable to climb a flight of stairs then home visits will offered at no additional cost.***



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