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Our highly experienced physiotherapy team are all chartered and HCPC registered.


Physiotherapy aims to rehabilitate injuries or manage pain from musculoskeletal conditions. We adopt an evidence-based approach, through tailored treatment plans and guidance including exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy, activity modification, lifestyle advice and education.

Our team is well equipped to assess and diagnose all musculoskeletal conditions. Where required we can refer for medical imaging and advise on other medical specialities.


Physiotherapy for non-sporting injuries and pains:

Back & neck pain

- Joint pain 

- Muscle pain

- Sciatica

- Osteoarthritis 

- Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

- Whiplash

- Traumatic Injuries


- Initial Consultation:

   £88 (50-55 minutes)

- Follow Up:

   £68 (40 minutes)

- Rehab - x5 session block:

   £320 (40 minutes)

- Rehab - x10 session block:

   £600 (40 minutes)

- Saturday Initial consultation:

   £95 (50-55 minutes)

- Saturday Follow Up:

   £75 (40 minutes)

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