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Sports Massage:

Sports Massage is a form of treatment involving the manipulation of soft tissue to relieve exercise-related aches and pain. 


The name Sports Massage defines an overall approach to massage therapy, rather than something that's exclusively for sportsmen and women. 

Sports Massage can help:

- Relieve excess muscle tension or soreness from exercise related activity

- Help with restricted range of motion

- Assist recovery from sports-related stress or injury

- Help with mental and physical recovery 

When is Sports Massage not recommended?

If you are in pain and do not have a clear diagnosis we do not recommend sports massage without physiotherapy consultation first. Sports massage may also be inappropriate following muscle, tendon or ligament tears as it may make them worse. For acute injuries we would always recommend a physiotherapy consultation. If you are unsure reach out to us via email.


- 45 minutes - £65

- 60 minutes - £80

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