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Daisy Hassan

- Personal Trainer + Midwife

Daisy is a Specialist Midwife at a highly respected NHS Trust, with almost 10 years experience working with women to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and a safe childbirth.


The majority of her career has been spent supporting active labour and childbirth in a birth centre setting and caring for women throughout their pregnancy, from their very first appointment to their postnatal discharge.


With a unique understanding of the complex changes and adaptations that arise during pregnancy and after childbirth, combined with her personal training expertise, Daisy provides guidance and support that aids recovery and promotes both physical and mental well-being.


Her tailored exercise programs are safe, effective and enjoyable, and are tailored to your strength and fitness capabilities as your pregnancy journey progresses and as your body recovers following childbirth and beyond.


  • Midwifery BSc Hons

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

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