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Remote Physiotherapy & Personal Training

Physio Jack offers remote physiotherapy, personal training, and personalised home exercise programmes via video consultation on Zoom or FaceTime. All you need is a laptop or a phone (ideally with a stand).

Watch the video below to see how the consultation works and how it can benefit you:



New Patients 

  • An accurate diagnosis based upon a thorough assessment - using your history, visual observations, movement pattern analysis, postural assessment and 'self-testing' techniques guided over video. 

  • Receive specialised advice and education

  • A personalised rehabilitation programme including videos of exercises 

  • A professional referral to seek further medical attention if required

  • Continued support 

Current Patients

  • Continued progression with your treatment/rehabilitation plan

  • Remain motivated and keep moving towards your goals

  • Alterations to the plan if you’re not progressing as expected

  • Home exercise plans 


You can read over 50 scientific journals looking at the clinical effectiveness of Telehealth in physiotherapy and healthcare here


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