Back pain




Sprains / Strains

Muscle / Joint pain

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)


Sports Injury Rehabilitation


Learn how to avoid injuries with specific mobility and strength programming.


Rehab back to Sport

Rehab for Runners

ACL rehab

Post-surgery rehab

Sport Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage
Trigger point therapy
Active Release Therapy (ART)

Personal Training

What are your goals?

Tone up

Weight management

Strength & conditioning

Perfect your technique with    advanced biomechanics training

*If you are already receiving personal training from a local trainer then I will only see you for physiotherapy purposes. I receive referrals from local personal trainers and so I want to maintain a trusting relationship without any conflicts of interests.

Postural Assessment

Have your posture assessed for muscle imbalances, followed by a personalised program to improve your posture.

Over 50s Fitness

Jack is a fitness specialist for the over 50s offering education and fitness programs to help you maintain your health into your later years.

42 Plimsoll Rd, London N4 2EL

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