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Jack has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. He founded Physio Jack in 2018. In addition to his work at Physio Jack, he is employed by Pure Sports Medicine, who are London's leaders in sports and musculoskeletal medicine. Before his work in the private sector, he gained experience across several highly respected NHS Trusts. Prior to graduating from Brunel as a Physiotherapist Bsc Hons, he worked as a personal trainer and exercise-on-prescription coach.


Jack treats a broad demographic of people, ranging from sporty teens to people in their 90s. He has extensive experience in rehabilitating injured runners, athletes and weightlifters. As well as working with hundreds of office workers wanting pain relief and postural advice, to those who just want to remain feeling healthy and off medication into their later years.


We are now open for Face to Face appointments.

Following guidelines from Public Health England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, we are now open for face to face physiotherapy. Every effort has been made to reduce risk to patients. Please get in contact for more details.



- Back pain

- Sciatica

- Osteoarthritis

- Whiplash

- Sprains / Strains

- Muscle / Joint pain

- Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

- Headaches

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

- PREhab - learn how to avoid    injuries with specific mobility    and strength programming.

- Rehab back to Sport

- Rehab for Runners

- ACL rehab

- Post-surgery rehab

Sport Massage Therapy

- Deep tissue massage
- Trigger point therapy
- Active Release Therapy (ART)

Personal Training*

What are your goals?
- Tone up
- Weight management
- Strength and conditioning

- Perfect your technique with    advanced biomechanics  training


*If you are already receiving personal training from a local trainer then I will only see you for physiotherapy purposes. I receive referrals from local personal trainers and so I want to maintain a trusting relationship without any conflicts of interests. 

Physical Therapy

Postural Assessment

Have your posture assessed for muscle imbalances, followed by a personalised program to improve your posture.

Over 50s Fitness

Jack is a fitness specialist for the over 50s offering education and fitness programs to help you maintain your health into your later years.



"I see Jack during my baseball season to help me stay in top shape. He's kept me mobile and feeling strong and fast."

Lloyd Edwards

Baseball Player, Teacher, Personal Trainer

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"I love training hard, with quite a gruelling routine involving both weights and martial arts. Injuries to my lower back and knee prevented me training the way I wanted to. Jack did a thorough assessment, worked out what was wrong then developed a rehab program. I am now able to train to the level I want to with confidence."

Kash Whiteley

Fitness Model / Personal Trainer 

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"Jack has really helped me reach my full potential as a competitive bodybuilder. He rehabbed my back to full strength after I herniated a disc in my lower back. I now see him regularly to keep me feeling in top shape and iron out any niggles I pick up in training."

Joel Harris

Competitive bodybuilder:

- 4th place at British Championships 2017

- West Midlands Champion 2015/2017

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Ruth Pimenta, M.A


"I went to see Jack last year for some physiotherapy treatment for a foot injury that was taking a long time to heal. Working with Jack was great- he gave me a lot of helpful advice and exercise which really worked. He has a friendly and professional manner and I would highly recommend him."

Ruth Pimenta, M.A


"I was suffering from really bad sciatica meaning I had to stop training my legs and back completely. I could barely straighten my leg, let alone lift any weights. Jack used various techniques to reduce the tension in my sciatic nerve. Once the pain had settled he built my confidence back in the gym. I am now back to training at 100% and looking to compete again in the future."

George Antoniou

 Personal Trainer

"At times my job can be very physically demanding, leaving my body achy, sore and tight. Jack's service is excellent - he deals with all my aches, knots and tightness in a timely fashion. My recovery is swift and allows me to feel good, whether I'm back on stage or training hard in the gym. Thanks Jack :)"


 Professional singer/performer

"As training becomes more intense leading up to a competition my knees really take a battering. Jack has kept me performing at 100% into my competitions and then works on putting me back together once training intensity has settled back down."

Lewis Ridett

Olympic Weightlifter:

  - British silver medalist

- English gold medalist

"I saw Jack a month after injuring my ankle. I had a nasty sprain and an avulsion fracture. After a couple of sessions with Jack, my ankle began to feel much better and I soon became more confident going without any ankle support. He offered great direction during our sessions, and also shared lots of helpful videos and photo guides that I could use at home.

I would definitely recommend Jack - he’s down to earth, professional and got me back on my feet!"

Emma Warren

Mental health charity worker



Monday: 4pm - 8pm

Tuesday: 7:30am - 8pm

Wednesday: 7:30am - 8pm
Thursday: 6pm - 8pm

Friday: 7:30am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: call to request



07723 013210

42 Plimsoll Rd, London N4 2EL

5 minute walk from Finsbury Park or Arsenal station. 

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42 Plimsoll Rd, London N4 2EL

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