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Yoga is a holistic practice that integrates physical postures, movement and breath work to enhance overall wellbeing. Our Yoga Classes are run by Mariam.


Classes every Sunday (£10 for an hour):

 - Yoga Foundations 10:00

 - Dynamic Vinyasa 11:15


Yoga foundations: 

A class for those new to yoga or building their confidence in the practice. Open to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. This class builds strength and mobility while improving body awareness.


Dynamic vinyasa:

Vinyasa is a breath-based practice moving through a sequence of asanas. This class is faster-paced, challenging and more playful. There will be opportunities to try something new and balance on your hands. Open to all levels, with options for everyone to up and lower the intensity.




Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses body weight movements to build strength, flexibility and endurance. Our Calisthenics class is run by Mikey.

Calisthenics Classes run every Wednesday from 18:15-19:15

Cost: £15, or you can book blocks below

The class focuses on a skill component that rotates every 4 weeks (including muscle ups, front lever, back lever, l-sit and handstand variations) and circuit based strength & conditioning exercises.

Mikey utilises our specialised gym space and equipment including three ring pull up areas, parallel bars and pull up stations.

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