Covid Protocol


Jack and Nick have had both covid vaccines. 


They are tested for covid using Lateral Flow tests twice per week to further minimise the risk. 


Patient screening: 

  • All patients will be screen for covid symptoms and high risk medical conditions prior to booking an appointment. 

  • A consent form must be completed and signed digitally before your appointment. 

  • Virtual appointments are available for high risk patients, or anyone who does need feel comfortable with a face to face appointment. 


Patient entry/exit: 

  • Temperature checked upon entry. 

  • Hand sanitiser must be used upon entry.

  • Masks must be worn by patients and staff at all times whilst inside the building.

  • Only one patient will be inside the building at a time. If you arrive early you will have to wait outside. We advise arriving exactly at your appointment time.

  • Time will be left between patients to clean the room and let the room air from the back door. 

  • PPE will be worn by staff during the physical assessment.

  • A screen is setup between staff and patients whilst sitting. 

  • Hand sanitiser must be used upon exit. 



  • All surfaces touched by patients and staff will be cleaned between appointments.

  • We use OneChem disinfectant spray, followed by Clinell wipes.

  • The room is left to air between appointments using a backdoor.

  • Towels are cleaned 60 degrees